Pros and cons of using Wix to create a business website

The marketing strategy of every business got a new face when business websites were introduced. People saw exponential growth in their businesses when they created an online space. The customer could learn every detail about the service without physically interacting with the provider. Websites increased the credibility of the brand, helped generate more revenue, and maintained a strong online presence amongst the competitors.

The perks lured more and more people to take up this incredible marketing strategy. A business website became everyone’s best bet at getting more and more exposure for the brand. Everyone, ranging from individuals to business giants, wanted a unique website to stand out. But, developing a website is not a piece of cake. Many people struggle to grasp the concept of how to design a website. It is a skill that requires a lot of practice and experience to master, and not many people have that. So, they turn to online website builders like Wix.

What is Wix?

With the demand for a business website increasing day by day, more and more web developers joined the bandwagon, and Wix is one of the leading contenders. Wix is a platform that helps individuals and businesses create their websites. Many people don’t know how to design a website, so they choose Wix to help them with this process.

Whether you own a restaurant, a clothing brand, a blog, or anything else, Wix can offer very interesting ways to design a website that fits your requirements. They offer many helpful features that come in handy while designing the perfect website for your business. If you start building with Wix, you get the following benefits.

Pros of using Wix as a business website builder.

The reason behind Wix’s popularity is the numerous benefits users receive.

Some of the pros of Wix are discussed below.

  • High-speed websites: Hands down one of the biggest plus points of building a website through Wix is the high processing speed. The thing that puts off people the most is a slow website that takes minutes to process a click, and Wix eliminates this problem. Every website built from Wix does great in speed tests.
  • A wide range of templates: A unique and good-looking website will always make a person spend more time on it. Wix has an abundance of unique templates on which you can choose to build your website. Nothing can be better than customizing your website the way you want using a dynamic pre-made template.
  • SEO Management: SEO plays an important part in building an effective website. Why? Because Search Engine Optimization helps a website to appear on any search engine when a user searches for something even similar to what it offers. Luckily for Wix users, it provides assistance with SEO as well. The only thing that is required is a little info about the business and then the tool takes care of the rest.
  • Customer support: Customer support is another big benefit offered by Wix. They have an amazing support page on their website where one can find answers to every problem. In addition to written answers, they also have video tutorials so the user can easily follow along.

Cons of using Wix as a business website builder

Below we have discussed a few cons of Wix as a business website builder.

  • Websites cannot be transferred: Suppose a business website outgrows the features Wix offers and requires new modifications, then it would become a problem. Why? Because one of the biggest drawbacks of Wix is that any website created using Wix cannot be transferred. The website owner would either have to stick with an outdated website or make a new site altogether or pay a huge amount of money to buy the rented domain name.
  • It has an element of redundancy: Templates are one of the key features of Wix. However, they can also prove to be a big drawback. There is a limited number of templates that millions of people use. This creates monotony and your site can look like a copy of some other pre-existing site.

So, such drawbacks often make people resist trying Wix for their website design, and the solution to such resistance is Web Wonder Woman.

What is Web Wonder Woman?

Web Wonder Woman is an online service for website development that builds dynamic and user-friendly websites for every type of business. The hands-on experience of the professionals at Web Wonder Woman makes the brand a strong contender amongst the rest. The expertise of people at Web Wonder Woman ensures quality work and their extensive experience assures that they know every aspect of web development.

Why should I choose Web Wonder Woman over Wix?

Wix is a big name in online website development. This is why people might wonder why they should choose Web Wonder Woman over Wix. For that, we have listed a bunch of reasons below which prove Web Wonder Woman’s credibility.

  • Web Wonder Woman offers completely customized websites to every client. Whereas, platforms like Wix offer a limited number of templates to hundreds of millions of users which can cause monotony. So, a user will be guaranteed a completely unique website if they opt for Web Wonder Woman.
  • Companies like Wix make the user develop their website on their own. This can become a pain in the neck for a lot of people since they don’t have the technical knowledge. However, this is not a problem at Web Wonder Woman because they make the website for the user from start to end.
  • Another reason to choose Web Wonder Woman is that the domain name and the hosting of the site are included in every package. Other platforms usually don’t include these things in the plan. They prompt the user to pay later on which can trouble them.
  • Web Wonder Woman offers monthly updates so your website will always be up-to-date.
  • Web Wonder Woman guarantees quality websites as they have an experience of more than 14 years in the field of web development. They know the process inside out and can offer you the perfect website for your business needs.
  • All the subscription plans at Web Wonder Wonder are very affordable. The user is also given the liberty to cancel the package or switch to another one anytime.
  • Websites at Web Wonder Woman are built by people holding professional degrees in the relevant field. The Managing Director at Web Wonder Woman holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Computing and IT. This guarantees that the websites built by Web Wonder Woman would be highly professional.

All of these perks clearly explain why a website-building experience would be far better with Web Wonder Woman than with any other platform.

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